Propane Cylinders Outdoor Storage Cabinet
- the Select Cabinet

The Select Cabinet - the propane tank cabinet ideal for outdoor propane storage and retail outlets. Advanced engineering, quality materials and superb manufacturing make the Select Cabinet the perfect choice for your propane tank storage needs. propane cabinet
Propane tank storage cabinet
Width: 1220 mm (48")
Depth: 640 mm (25")
Width: 1420 mm (56")


  • One cabinet for 20 lb, 33 lb, and 100 lb cylinders
  • Heavy duty - all material welded and bolted construction
  • Tamper proof with padlock type door. Piano hinge corners. 10 bolts and neopreme lock nuts.
  • Ventilated for propane gas
  • Metal roof and sides. Mesh type shelf and bottom.
  • Stackable cabinets. Movable with forklift or pallet jack.
  • Removable shelf for 100 lb. cylinders.
  • 5 piece fold-up package for shipping. Easy assembly.

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